register your property

Location Works has a strong commitment to safeguarding the security of our location owners.

Photographs of your property, and your details, are held securely within our server in the UK. The photographs are stored in our library and your details are held in our computer database, which is double-password protected, and inaccessible to the public. Your security is important to us: we will NEVER give out your personal details to any client without your express permission, and without us establishing the authenticity of the enquiry.

The location images are accompanied by the minimum that is needed to make decisions: we use "fuzzy" geography such as the county or city area. It is not possible for any member of the public to work out exactly where you are.

When your property is under consideration by a photographer or production company, we will, with your permission, give out your address and arrange a recce. Even then you may opt for anonymity and all negotiations will be handled directly by us.

Location Works is registered under the UK Data Protection Act 1998, reg no: Z2072934

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