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Having taken your location images, the next step is to get them to us. It can be difficult to send all the images by email, so we recommend WeTransfer or Dropbox, both of which are free, and permit the transfer of hundreds of images quickly. When you register with us using the on-line application form, you will be given a unique registration number - don't forget to quote that in any correspondence.

  • Please send your images as JPEGs!
    Other image types are considerably larger, for no appreciable increase in quality. As an example, an image as a TIFF is likely to be about five times the size of the same image as a JPEG.

  • Not too small!
    Your images will end up on our web site in various sizes, depending on the device used to view them (smartphone / iPad / desktop) but the minimum size we require is at least 1200 pixels (it's pixels that matter, not DPI).

  • Do not package the JPEGs!
    We prefer simple, straightforward JPEGs, not embedded in other packages such as MS Word, Photoshop, PDF or Powerpoint. If you are providing captions, put them in a separate text or Word document.

  • Help us know who you are!
    Be sure to quote your unique registration number in any correspondence.

  • Help us know where you are!
    Your postcode (or, in Ireland, Eircode) is of course useful, although not particularly accurate (some postcodes cover a very large area). It helps us a lot to know exactly where you are, and we recommend using what3words as a quick and easy way to pinpoint your location (it's so precise you can choose the front door or the back door!). Click here for more information...
    what3words is an incredibly simple way of precisely specifying a geographical location avoiding the complexity of latitude and longitude. Instead of giving us "latitude 52.320895 North, longitude 1.145891 East" you could simply use kiosk.ducks.pickup (that's our Suffolk office). Click here to learn more about what3words.

    To use what3words yourself, point the QR code reader on your smartphone at the QR code on the right, and download the free app which you can use to get your own what3words.    [close]


Location Works makes its money from success: we earn when a location is used. Our web site is free to browse, we don't charge a membership fee, nor per click. We can only raise an invoice when one of our clients actually confirms a shoot or event. So we only do well when we are successful at what we do!

Conversely, the cost of running and managing our web library is kept to a minimum. Obviously we do have to charge, since we pay staff to process images and upload them to our web site. We put effort into ensuring each new location is presented as well as can be, that it appears in the right location categories, and that each of the images is tagged with the right keywords - our web library is finely tuned to meet the needs of our clients, who are location professionals needing the best location quickly.

If you successfully apply to be exclusive with us, most of our charges will not apply, otherwise, alas, there will be charges...

...but here again, we do our absolute best to keep costs to a minimum, and usually waive our charges until you get your first job (i.e. our charges are deducted from your earnings on the first job: no job = no fee). An example is our standard £100 upload fee; for full details, please see our Terms & Conditions for Location Owners.

Please, after completing our online application form, send your pictures - or just a few samples - to and we'll get back to you letting you know what our charges may be if any.

One of the reasons that we keep our charges low is because it is not possible for us to offer any guarantees: the presence of your images in our library cannot guarantee that Hollywood will come knocking. The location business is too fickle for that, and our advice is not to register with any company that tells you otherwise.

Not all of the locations we receive do end up in our web location library - for a start, it takes time to prepare the images and upload them. However, even if your pictures do not end up on the website, our clients will be given every opportunity to consider your property.

Location Works Registrations, 9a The Cross, Suffolk IP23 7AB

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