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how to appear high in our web pages

Our locations are displayed in a category system, and within a category (such as Mansions) each location is given a priority rating from 0 to 999. The priority is worked out as follows:

:: location "quality" (rating 0 - 300)
- a subjective scoring up to 300 points. Is the location unique / fashionable / desirable? Do we have lots more like it, or is it a "one-off"?

:: picture quality (rating 0 - 250)
- quality of the images: do they show the location off to its best advantage? Are the shots recent?

:: "nearness" quality (rating 0 - 250)
- up to 250 points. This is to do with closeness to a centre of production. In the UK, "centres of production" include London (highest rating), Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol etc.
   :: an "ordinary" property close to a centre of production will score highly;
   :: a less usual property (for example a beach hut) will score well even it is farther away;
   :: an unusual property (for example a hill-top castle) will score well no matter where it is.

:: exclusivity yes no
Is the location registered with another library? 0 +150
Are similar pictures on the web site of another location library? -200 0
Is the location exclusive with us? +200 0

These scores are totted up and result in a priority rating between zero and 999 (maximum). So to be sure of appearing among the first locations within a category, here is the ideal:

a "superior" location, such as an architect-designed modern home, or minimal loft, or castle 300
well-photographed 250
within or near a major city 250
not with any other library 150
exclusive 200
= maximum points!

Locations with the same rating are regularly "shuffled" so that each stands a chance of appearing first. But don't be put off if your house doesn't appear right at the top. The Location Works web library is a serious research tool which is used daily by professionals looking for the perfect location. Even a location on the last page will be given fair consideration.

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