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what is a location?

When a film or television company needs to do some filming, one of the first decisions they must make is where will we do this? In the early days of the cinema, there was little choice: with bulky equipment and lights, the only place you could film anything was in a studio.

These days, however, most filming and photography is undertaken on location. Smaller cameras, lighting, etc. have made a difference, but more often than not it's simply because it's substantially cheaper than building a set.

So an industry has grown up supplying locations to the film business. In years gone by, each location-finding exercise was fresh: a location scout would be sent out to knock on doors to find the perfect kitchen, let's say, for a washing powder commercial. It was Location Works that pioneered the concept of a location library back in 1985. Nowadays every location search will start with a library search which makes location finding quicker and easier.

If you think your property might be suitable for use as a filming location, we'd be interested to hear from you, however there's a few questions you should ask yourself first:

do I have the right kind of property?

Are the rooms large enough to accommodate a crew? Even the smallest crew will be a dozen or so - will they fit in your house? Will you still be able to be there when the crew is at work?

As an example, the perfect kitchen is one which looks "normal-sized", but which perhaps has a breakfast room attached to accommodate the camera and sound crews. Then there will perhaps be a room needed for hair and make-up, etc. etc.

If you feel your property doesn't pass the above test, worry not! If it is of the right type, your property may still be attractive for stills photography.

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