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am I in the right area?

Having a film crew turn up can be a bit daunting: even the smallest crew will be a dozen or more personnel each with their own specialist vehicle. A larger crew may have a lighting truck, mobile generator, catering kitchen and dining bus. So parking is a major consideration: the interior/exterior of your property must be exceptional to compensate for the fact that there is no parking nearby!

Also you must give some consideration to the geographic location. Location Works is based in London, and the majority of our clients are looking to do their location work within or near London or another centre of production such as Manchester or Glasgow. But you don't find dramatic mountain backdrops in the Home Counties! so if your property is exceptional in some other regard (i.e. has qualities that we won't find closer to home), do still please get in touch.

We do have a number of properties on our books outside of the British Isles, but we don't pretend to properly represent any location which is not within the United Kingdom or Ireland. If you are overseas you would be best advised to have a look at our links page. Look there for a library which is in your locality, and apply to them to represent you as a location.

why Location Works?

Location Works is a company which finds and organises locations for film production companies, television companies, advertising agencies and photographers:

  • we are the longest established company in the UK supplying this service (since 1985);
  • we are the largest location company in the UK;
  • we have led the field as the premier location library, and as experts in location scouting and management;
  • our web library (which was the first on-line location library in the world) has the largest selection of quality locations available in the UK, which is why we handle hundreds of film and photographic shoots annually: see our list of recent credits.

Our team of location co-ordinators and managers is highly experienced in dealing with the demands and pressures of the business, and we will do our best to ensure that your filming experience is both lucrative and trouble-free.

So if you'd like to take the plunge, and register your property as a location, let's take some snaps!

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