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collections: Pop-up shops

Reference 40833
East Sussex
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Independent community supermarket, Brighton.

Reference 41849
37 miles (60km) from London
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Modern town centre shopping mall with empty offices, loading bays, vacant units and a car park. Berkshire.

Reference 40701
Central London
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Traditional high street butcher's shop with wide pavement outside, central London.

Reference 41274
11 miles (18km) from London
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Corner shop, south west London.

Reference 36131
Central London
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Events spaces, central London.

Reference 45325
18 miles (29km) from London
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Nursing training facilities including a dispensing pharmacy and ward, on a campus, Hertfordshire.

Reference 41716
49 miles (79km) from London
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Film-friendly large shopping centre with both indoor and outdoor areas, including empty units, loading bays and a rooftop car park. Hampshire.

Reference 33941
North London
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Film-friendly covered shopping centre, north London, next to bus station.

Reference 41803
154 miles (248km) from London
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Empty supermarket, Somerset.

Reference 37595
South London
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Film-friendly south London shopping centre with large roof area and car park. (For rooftop, see reference 45171.)

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