Filming, Photography and Events at Historic Houses venues.

Hundreds of Britain's most beautiful and iconic historic houses, castles and gardens are still privately-owned family homes. The membership of Historic Houses represents over 1,600 of the UK's privately and charitably owned historic houses (representing more great houses than the National Trust and English Heritage put together), many of which make outstanding filming locations.

Location Works has an exclusive partnership with Historic Houses, and together we are promoting access to this remarkable compendium of some of the most prestigious locations in Great Britain. The process is ongoing! and we will be adding more as the months go by.

A selection appears here, but please see our complete set: Historic Houses locations or use the map below to specify your area of interest.

If we don't yet have pictures on-line, we have the research resources to find the perfect location for your project. Send us your location brief using our enquiry form and we'll email the Historic Houses membership to put together a shortlist.

All are available through Location Works; for more information call us on 0800 334 5505 .

UK: 150 locations

Central Scotland: 4 locations
East of England: 20 locations
London inside M25: 12 locations
Midlands: 31 locations
North east England: 10 locations
North east Scotland: 2 locations
North west England: 8 locations
North west Scotland: 3 locations
South of England: 35 locations
Southern Scotland: 3 locations
Strathclyde: 2 locations
Wales: 1 location
West of England: 19 locations

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Locations for filming, photography and events: contact us on 0800 334 5505 or email for further details.
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