carbon aware productions

Here is a quick, cheap and transparent way of becoming carbon aware! We at Location Works believe that offering the chance for production companies to be carbon aware pleases both client and crew and, most importantly, contributes to a greener film industry.

Carbon Aware Productions (CAP) gives your company the chance to reduce your carbon footprint which they calculate from the amount of power used and the amount of emissions from travelling to the location. In return they have a partnership with the Woodland Trust who plant 0.25 acres of woodland per tonne of carbon. We and CAP believe that carbon produced in this country should be offset in this country.

The method is simple. You send your call sheet to CAP; they calculate the carbon footprint of your production and liaise with the Woodland Trust. In return they send you a certificate, detail the cost, the amount of trees planted and where the trees are planted. You can, in turn, use this on your call sheet.

There is a small charge for the calculation. The average daily shoots range from 1 ton of carbon to 5 tons of carbon. To offset 1 ton of carbon (four trees) the cost is £30.80.

CAP is recognised by Film London.