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Reference 8904
20 miles (32km) from London
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Private airport near London with control tower, large areas of tarmac and runways and empty hangar. Essex.

Reference 4006
14 miles (23km) from London
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Racetrack, Surrey, with modern stands (doubling for an airport), restaurants, bars, pubs, and an industrial kitchen.

Reference 3252
36 miles (58km) from London
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Spectacular large modern airport terminal, film friendly, Essex.

Reference 45587
32 miles (52km) from London
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Airfield with hangars and aircraft including a parked jumbo jet and a fully functional 747-400, a military helicopter, private main road also available. Surrey.

Reference 41181
15 miles (24km) from London
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Aerodrome and Hangar, currently housing helicopters. Hertfordshire.

Reference 5685
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Operational general aviation airport, including disused runways and hangars. Surrey. (updated listing 2023)

Reference 47428
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Airbus A330 and other aeroplane mock-ups, Berkshire.

Reference 42827
West London
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Indoor city: shops, restaurants, banks, hospital, fire station, police station, etc. Also contains an airport check-in desk and full size aeroplane fuselage. PROPS are FULL SIZE but the buildings in village are a 3rd smaller than normal size as it has been designed for children. West London.

Reference 3308
34 miles (55km) from London
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First world war aerodrome buildings. Vintage planes, trucks, and museum. Essex. (updated listing 2023)

Reference 36861
Central London
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Central London museum housing an aircraft collection, trench warfare exhibits and vintage transport. (new location 2023)

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