new locations, December 2017

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Reference 42150
South west London
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Edwardian semi-detached house with an artistic interior in a range of scandi styles, including an impressive staircase, large panelled rooms with high ceilings, and an unusual kitchen and astroturf lawn. South west London.

Reference 46785
West London
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Characterful pub in west London with a 1930s interior, currently closed. There are two bars, one empty, with original seats. The upstairs flat hosts a selection of modern and retro features. West London.

Reference 40201
South east London
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Large function room with a naval-themed bar overlooking the Thames. South east London.

Reference 40223
South east London
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Brick-built derelict warehouse with steel beams, available as a studio / event space. South east London.

Reference 6589
10 miles (16km) from London
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Racecourse, with old and new stands, South West London.

Reference 40005
35 miles (56km) from London
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Modern house set in the side of a hill, built using glass and composite aluminium as well as natural materials. Surrey.

Reference 42480 (updated listing)
56 miles (90km) from London
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16th-century country house with large open plan kitchen and a large garden with a derelict victorian greenhouse, Kent.

Reference 4006 (updated listing)
14 miles (23km) from London
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Racetrack, Surrey, with modern stands (doubling for an airport), restaurants, bars, pubs, and an industrial kitchen.

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