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Reference 4726
North west London
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Serviced offices with cafe/breakout area, north west London.

Reference 30760
Central London
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Office complex, City of London.

Reference 45082
South east London
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Modern office and meeting spaces; available as a production office or for filming at weekends only. South east London.

Reference 45026
North London
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Empty offices, north London.

Reference 47595
East London
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A film friendly cafe/multi-purpose space that can be dressed. East London.

Reference 47031
36 miles (58km) from London
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Main school building circa 1850, with other surrounding buildings ranging from 1930's to 2010's. There are many classrooms, dormitory/boarding rooms, a Victorian chapel and extensive playing fields. Berkshire.

Reference 49928
171 miles (275km) from London
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Large office building constructed around 1970, unusual design, currently empty. South Wales.

Reference 38514
90 miles (145km) from London
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Racecourse with board rooms, meeting rooms and events spaces. Gloucestershire.

Reference 31800
South West London
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Estate agent's office, London SW.

Reference 30107
Central London
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Modern office building available for short term let with an old-fashioned wrought-iron lift.

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