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Reference 46268
45 miles (72km) from London
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Large black-out film studio - 32,000 sqft - with production offices and large backlot. Hampshire. (new location 2016)

Reference 45136
345 miles (555km) from London
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Large warehouse space available for filming and events. Glasgow. (new location 2016)

Reference 47118
East London
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Drive-in warehouse. East London.

Reference 47907
East London
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Warehouse photographic studio, with a variety of white and textured walls and surfaces. East London. (updated listing 2017)

Reference 46852
North London
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Photography studios in a converted 2600 sq ft factory warehouse, north London. (updated listing 2016)

Reference 48618
179 miles (288km) from London
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A countryside location of 3 cottages. One of which has a 1970's exterior, with a sympathetically remodeled interior of charming antiquity. Included also are industrial settings, large workshops, a gym and a working yard. Shropshire.

Reference 47853
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Emergency service training centre with a full scale Accident and Emergency Department, an indoor village street scene, fire engines, ambulances and fast response cars. There is also a full size train, and various training rooms. Cheshire.

Reference 33908
South west London
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Large riverside victorian/georgian mansion house with six bedrooms, four reception rooms, large kitchen, conservatories, covered balconies and outbuildings. South west London. (new location 2017)

Reference 45456
181 miles (291km) from London
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Warehousing, Lancashire.

Reference 45909
Central London
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Warehouse-style loft studio and events space, with brick walls and wooden floor. 2,000 sq ft. Central London. (updated listing 2017)

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