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Reference 46478
Central London
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Multipurpose warehouse. Central London. (updated listing 2016)

Reference 30848
South east London
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Very large former industrial works now available as an event space. South east London. (new location 2017)

Reference 46285
East London
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A selection of self-storage units, reception and an empty shop unit, with on site parking. East London.

Reference 1523
26 miles (42km) from London
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Working paper mill (film-friendly), Hertfordshire.

Reference 46268
45 miles (72km) from London
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Large black-out film studio - 32,000 sqft - with production offices and large backlot. Hampshire. (new location 2016)

Reference 42817
14 miles (23km) from London
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Cafe, Essex. (new location 2016)

Reference 45592
South west London
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Large distinctive Brutalist Structure of 60s design, gritty urban structure, office spaces, meeting rooms, large basement gallery space, rooftop spaces with city views, and a loading bay. Evenings and weekends only. South west London.

Reference 45136
345 miles (555km) from London
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Large warehouse space available for filming and events. Glasgow. (new location 2016)

Reference 48722
4 miles (6km) from London
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Industrial warehouse, east London. (updated listing 2017)

Reference 46479
Central London
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Blank canvas warehouse in central London. (updated listing 2016)

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